Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Baa! Oink! Moo! God Made the Animals

My youngest just turned one and does not sit still for books for very long yet, even when I flip through them quickly and don't read all the words. Yet that doesn't stop her from going to her basket of books, picking one out, and bringing it to me to read to her, even if for only ten seconds at a time. We introduced our kids to books at a young age, and they have the expectation that mom and dad will read to them on most days.

When I saw the cover of Baa! Oink! Moo! God Made the Animals available for review from the publisher, I knew I wanted a copy. Sure enough, my 1-year-old liked the pictures and I've been able to get her to sit and look at it with me a couple of times now. She even let me read it all the way through when she was down with a cold, but normally I can only get off a quick "God made the chickens" or "Look at the pigs" before having to flip the page to keep her attention.

I love how sturdy board books are, and the pictures are interesting enough to grab my daughter's attention for a few moments. I'm sure that in a few months we'll be able to sit for longer periods and read every word on the page.

I'm glad to have books like Baa! Oink! Moo! God Made the Animals to remind my kids that God is their creator. It might not leave much of an impact on my youngest beyond teaching her the routine of reading, but my other two are listening, and they know that their daddy believes these things.


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