Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sardines in my stocking!

Christmas stockings are amazing.  They serve as decorations all December until that one day when they're stuffed to the brim (and over) with treats and goodies. I have forgotten many of the presents I got, but I know what was in my stocking. I can’t remember a Christmas past when my stocking didn’t have almost all of the following:


Candy cane

Assorted Palmer’s chocolates

Assorted fun size candy bars

Chocolate Santa



Can of sardines


You're probably thinking, who would eat that? I admit that it seems a little strange, but I'm not making it up. My dad actually put an orange in there.

Despite my mother’s complaints that sardines made my breath perfectly rancid, I loved them, as did my little sister. They were a special treat because of how rarely we got them and who we got to eat them with: dad. The peanuts and orange were supposed to balance out the chocolate and help fill the stocking without emptying the wallet. My dad told us that when he was a kid, getting fresh fruit in your stocking was a very special treat. I’m glad he passed on the traditional orange while making room for a can of sardines as well.


My own kids usually get smaller presents along with their candy in their stockings. Last year we got Lukas and Abby each a movie that sat at the top of their stockings, and I want to continue doing that each year until my kids consider it as indispensable a Christmas tradition as the oranges that they too find at the bottom of their stockings. I still haven’t introduced them to the pleasure of a good sardine. Maybe this year…

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