Tuesday, April 26, 2016

An Adventure Bible sticker book

My kids have loved stickers since the time they could walk—probably even before then. After I had to explain to my daughter the difference between stamps and stickers (and salvage about 12 of the former from a household art project), I decided that stickers were a worthwhile investment.

My church has used the NIV Adventure Bible in their children’s ministry for the last few years, so when I saw that Zondervan had a sticker book under the same brand, I asked for a review copy and let my four-year-old have at it.

She enjoyed coloring on the pages with both crayons and markers. The pages are very thick—not your dollar store coloring book—so nothing bled through. She also enjoyed playing with the stickers.  Some pages have five or six scenes from a Bible story that are grayed out, and she was able to match them up, no problem. There were other stickers for putting anywhere. The stickers are technically reusable, but their sticking power drops with use. At 32 pages though, she’ll probably be finished with the book before too many become unusable.

The back of the book says it’s good for ages 4-8, though only the older kids will be able to make full use of it. The crossword puzzles and word searches we beyond my four-year-old’s abilities.

One aspect of the book that made little sense was the arrangement of the Bible stories. It skips forward and backward, going from the Garden of Eden, to Noah, to Jesus, back to Moses, back to the Garden of Eden, and all over the place. They might have been trying to spread out the activities, but a chronological order would have made more sense.

I could see bringing a book like this on a long car trip, over to grandma’s house, or using it as a prize at VBS or Sunday school. Kids love activity books, and the Adventure Bible: Wild About the Bible Sticker & Activity Book will keep them busy for a while.

I received this book from the publisher.

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