Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A helpful resource for pastors

It seems like quite a few books have come out recently aimed at equipping pastors for the job of being a pastor. One of which, The Pastor’s Book, written by veteran pastor Kent Hughes and Douglas Sean O’Donnell, comes in at almost 600 pages. It’s a mammoth book aimed at being the pastor’s go-to resource. It has large sections on Christian gatherings (Sundays, yearly events, weddings, funerals), the service itself, and the pastor’s duties. The bulk of the book comes from the author’s extended thoughts on each of the topics, as well as numerous examples of orders of service, prayers, vows, et cetera. The author’s extended treatments are well-reasoned, but are too long for most who’ve given much thought to matters like baptism or music.

I think the most valuable part of the book were the samples, many of which include links to PDF files online to download. Buying the ebook directly from Crossway’s website would allow you to copy and paste the layouts into word if you wanted to make some alterations that better fit your preferences for various services, such as the wedding service.

I was surprised to find that amongst all the articles and samples there was nothing on ordination services. Granted, these services aren’t as common as weddings or funerals, but they are nevertheless important to include.

Overall, I'd recommend it if for nothing else than the samples.

I received a copy of this book from Crossway in order to provide this review.

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