Friday, December 18, 2015

Dinosaurs, Science, and the Bible

I’ve been a fan of dinosaurs ever since I was a kid. One of my earliest memories is my fourth birthday when I got two large plastic dinosaurs: a stegosaurus and a brachiosaurus. As an adult, my interest in dinos has waned with the exception of a Jurassic Park movie now and again, but Dinosaurs: Marvels of God’s Design reminded me of why I found them so fascinating.

Dr. Timothy Clarey, a former professor of geosciences and current staff member at the Institute for Creation Research, has put together a mini-textbook of sorts chock full of pictures and diagrams pertaining to dinosaurs. The book is visually stunning and my children, aged 4 and 2, like looking at the pictures with me. It’s very much like some of the better quality magazines I used to get in the mail that coupled graphics and articles in such a way as to keep all ages interested.

Dr. Clarey writes as one who believes in a literal seven-day creation as described in Genesis, but his aim isn’t merely to argue for a young earth. He presents the prevailing views of the secular scientific community along with his arguments for his own convictions, which leaves readers well equipped to engage others who aren’t operating from a biblical worldview.

As the title suggests, most of the book focuses on these amazing creatures we call dinosaurs. The author gives special attention to various species, genera, families, and orders of dinosaurs, such as the famous T. Rex, Sauropods, and the Ankylosaurus. I had never thought about how scientists estimate their weight or determine bite strength, but Dr. Carey explains not only how, but highlights key historical developments that led to the techniques used to make these estimates.

Dinosaurs truly are marvels of God’s design, and this book justifies it’s title.

I received this book from the publisher in order to provide this review.

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