Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October in Review

October started with a late 4th birthday party for Abigail with her friends and their parents. One of my earliest memories is from my 4th birthday, and the celebrations with both sets of grandparents and now with her friends gave her ample opportunities to retain something for the rest of her life. It’s scary to think that she’s to the point where she will start holding permanent memories.

We took the kids to the pumpkin patch at Tuttle’s Orchards to select their pumpkins and load up on apples. We even ran into one of my students from church (small world). I transformed Lukas’s pumpkin into Boba Fett, a character from Star Wars, and Hannah made Abby’s into Hello Kitty.

Both Abby and Lukas enjoyed being outside, and now that we have to wear coats on some days, we’re reminded that winter is on its way. Trips to the park are extra special as we get to enjoy the fall colors while watching our kids step out and do things they’ve never done on their own before. Both kids have no fear on rock walls, ladders, or stepping stones.

We’ve also started doing more inside activities like puzzles, memory games (Lukas is still learning that one. He either wants to flip over all the cards, or he wants to flip over the same two every time).

I enjoyed teaching the youth at church as we work our way through the book of Daniel. One weekend we hosted our second annual youth Oktoberfest including corn hole, ladder golf, a giant-sized Connect 4 (courtesy of my dad), and bobbing for apples. I always enjoy spending time with these “kids” who are only three to thirteen years younger than me.

I got in touch with my creative side this month, making miniature Star Wars spaceships and putting hooks on them to turn them into ornaments. Maybe I’m just antsy before the baby comes in November. Hannah finished up working at Wee Care Preschool and is officially on maternity leave. Let the nesting begin!

Our church recognized us both for Pastor Appreciation Month, including a generous monetary gift and a trip out to a nice restaurant. Hannah and I feel so blessed to be part of this community, and we know that we’ll need that support when Natalie arrives next month.

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