Sunday, October 4, 2015

September in review

September is our family month. Hannah and I went on a date to see an Indianapolis Indians baseball game. Despite a one-hour rain delay, we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves. We left in the seventh inning to pick up the kids, but the break after such a busy month in August was welcome.

Mid-month we packed everyone up and traveled to Michigan to see family. This will be our last trip up north before Natalie is born in November. The trip worked out better than we planned because my employer asked me to speak at a careers event at Ferris State University, so my mileage was covered, and I didn’t have to take as much time off. We went to a corn maze with my parents, my sister Alyssa, and her husband. It took us a while, but we made it through without getting too lost. A friend of Hannah’s mom invited us to an estate sale and we ended up shelling out some money picking up tools, toys, and other miscellaneous items. Before the weekend was over we celebrated Abby’s fourth birthday early with both sets of grandparents.

There were a bunch of birthdays to celebrate this month. We went to Munro Lake to celebrate the birthday of one of Abby’s friends, and later in the month we went to a Minion-themed party where I created a “Minion-melon.” I can’t wait to test out my skills on Jack-o-lanterns. Although Abby’s birthday party in Indianapolis wouldn’t be until October, we ate cupcakes and gave her some presents on the 30th.

At church the youth group was treated to two self-defense classes from a couple from church who hold black belts in Tae-Kwon-Do. The husband also teaches hand-to-hand combat in the military. I preached at Enfoque and after the service Hannah was treated to a baby shower by the women at church. It’s hard do believe the due date will be here in less than two months.

Finally, I signed up for a mission trip to Peru in October 2016. I’ll be training pastors in a remote area of the country. Most of these pastors haven’t had any formal training outside of this program, so this trip is an opportunity for me to share what I’m learning in seminary with men who can use it for the betterment of themselves and their congregations. I appreciate your prayers. If you’re interested in learning about the trip or how you can support me, please click here.

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