Friday, August 21, 2015

July with the Wencls

Hannah and I started July off at the hospital looking at an ultrasound image of our third child, confirmed to be a girl—currently going by the name Natalie Rose. The very next day we began our Independence Day vacation in Michigan, sharing the news with our families and getting to visit with both my sister Amy’s family and Hannah’s sister Deborah’s, both in town from out of state. Sharon, my mother-in-law, introduced squirt guns and magnifying glasses to our children. I soon showed Lukas how to set things on fire with the magnifying glasses.

My parents held a vow renewal ceremony at their house which I officiated. We then enjoyed cooking out, practicing golf swings with Amy’s husband John and his brother David, and eating frozen yogurt at the Big Rapids Fourth of July Parade. Hannah and I finished out our weekend at North End Park with some old friends—Joey and Abigail Cottle and family and Patrick and Amber Carr and family.

Back in Indiana we set to taking care of the house and completing summer chores like mowing the lawn, cleaning rabbit cages, and replacing fence boards. Hannah took the kids to a splash park with a friend, and I was able to go a few times to some regular parks with the kids as well. Hannah sewed a blanket for Natalie and I put together wooden bunk beds we had purchased a while ago. The kids were eager to begin sleeping in their new beds, and both Lukas and Abby love going up and down the ladder. Besides building their beds, I also managed to build a simple “basement” for Abby’s Calico Critters house to sit on, giving her more space to play. Even with dollhouses it seems we too easily fill up the space we have with too much stuff!

I continued to serve as youth pastor at my church, having my own cookout at my house and finishing our study on The Gospel-Centered Life. I also filled in and taught an adult Bible study at the end of the month. Hannah volunteered to help make dinner one night for a mission team from out of state, so I got to spend some special time alone with the kids.

As busy as July was, August was starting to look busier. I got approved to take one more Biblical Hebrew class as an independent study, I was scheduled to preach once at Enfoque, I planned to start a new study with the youth on the book of Daniel, and I somehow found myself volunteering to do a four-week sermon series at a church in Martinsville, about a 50-minute drive one way. Oh, and Hannah, whose pregnancy was getting more and more uncomfortable, was going back to teaching.

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