Wednesday, July 15, 2015

June in Review

June was a big month for the kids. Maybe that’s why I’m so late getting this out. Lukas started potty training, which means “big boy” underwear, candy rewards, and, of course, accidents. He was a quick learner, though, much to our joy. Abigail also spent some time in training. Hannah signed her up for swimming lessons at a local pool.
The lessons were more about teaching kids to be comfortable in the water. By the time she was done Abby was able to stick her head in the water to blow bubbles, float on a pool noodle, and kick her legs at the side of the pool. I took her out for an ice cream cone at McDonald’s to celebrate. 

The following week Abigail and Lukas went to Fall Creek Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible School while Hannah helped out, leaving me with some time in the evening to work on my Hebrew homework. Since VBS meant the kids couldn’t get to bed at their normal 8:00 pm bedtime, both kids were getting tired. I kept Lukas with me one of the days and we had fun playing with his toys, wrestling on the floor, and watching a movie.
He got to bed on time, leaving me a little while to work on my homework before Hannah and Abby came back.

Hannah and I had more to celebrate in June than just Abby’s swimming lessons. The fourteenth marked our seventh wedding anniversary. We enjoyed some Cuban sandwiches in Broad Ripple for dinner and walked around taking in the sights. At the end of the month we went to the Indianapolis Zoo with our friends Raul and Magda and their children, Saul and Mia. 
The kids’ favorite part was a dog show where trainers and dogs showed off their tricks catching Frisbees and running through an obstacle course. Hannah and I were most enthralled with the dolphin show where the animals waved, jumped, did flips, and all manner of tricks to a jamming sound track.

Church kept us busy too. Early in the month I preached a message from Jonah in Spanish at Enfoque. I also taught the youth and young adults lessons on friendships and on expanding their horizons and benefitting from relationships with people outside of their current life stage, especially older people and people from other cultural backgrounds. We also had fun playing games like foursquare and going to see Jurassic World at an IMAX theater. Hannah was able to go to a women’s group meeting after church, something she always enjoys going to.

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