Thursday, June 25, 2015

Ministering to the overlooked: widows

Brian Croft is quickly becoming a go-to guy for insight on shepherding the people of God. He now has a plethora of books about practical matters of being a pastor, and I was fortunate enough to pick up a review title on a subject you won’t find many books addressing: Caring for Widows.

Caring for Widows is actually coauthored with Austin Walker, a minister from Wales. Walker takes the first half of the book, outlining the biblical warrant for caring for widows. He points to the Old and New Testaments to show that God cares deeply for widows, a group of people often overlooked and neglected. As anyone committed to the authority of the Scriptures can tell you, if it’s important to God, it better be important to us.

Croft picks up with the second half of the book, providing advice and guidance on how to put that knowledge into practice. A minister’s first duty is to minister the word, and that ministry should also be the primary way we minister to widows. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only way, or that it should occupy the vast majority of our time spent ministering to them. Croft explains how everyone—not just ministers—can minister to widows in the hospital, in their home, or in a nursing home, and much of his advice derives from good hospitality practices.

This book is a worthy addition to a minister’s bookshelf because it succinctly and faithfully guides readers to practice true religion (James 1:27). Every pastor needs to have a heart for ministering to widows, and this books can be had for about $10.

Many thanks to Crossway for providing me a copy of this book.

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