Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why Christmas? and Why Easter? book reviews

Why Christmas? and Why Easter? are family devotional books that teach children the meaning of these holidays by guiding them through passages of the Bible. The books are divided into four weeks, with a total of 25 and 28 days, respectively. Each day features a passage of Scripture, a short, easy-to-read explanation of the passage, a few discussion questions, memory verse, and illustration. There is also a song to sing for each week.

As a parent, I think these books provide a comprehensive way to have a family devotional time. I like how the content can be adjusted for various age levels, such as just reading from the explanation and “discussion verse” for younger elementary students or using all features for older kids. Both books focus on the theme of salvation and why Jesus came to earth, which I appreciated.

The author seems to have written the books for children aged 7 to 10. Early elementary students will benefit from them too, but older children will more fully appreciate the hymns and more advanced vocabulary. My only criticism of the books is that some of the illustrations look like something I could draw—not the professional quality one would expect from a published book. Nevertheless, I would recommend both Why Christmas? and Why Easter? to parents looking for family devotional tools with a gospel-centered message.

I received these books from the publisher to write this review.

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