Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February in Review

We’re now two months into the year. Every December we receive many Christmas cards with a "year in review" letter, so I decided that I wanted to do that this year. But since so much happens in one year, I thought it better to do a "month in review" and later pick the best of the best for our annual Christmas letter.

We started February off enjoying the Super Bowl with Ismael Arroyo, his wife Deborah, and their two daughters, Delilah and Charlotte. Abby and Lukas played with their friends, Hannah and I got to know Ismael and Deborah better, and we all enjoyed some good Puerto Rican cooking—I think we watched the game in there too!

Valentines Day was on a Saturday this year, so we had a special dinner at Enfoque Ministerio de Alabanza, our Spanish-language church that meets on Saturdays where I also serve as a part-time youth pastor.

Hannah and I had some couples over for lunch a couple times, and we had the opportunity to explain the gospel to one of the people we had over. Although the person didn’t make a decision for Christ, the person is still attending our church, so we’re praying for more opportunities to share.

The last weekend of the month I got to go to Louisville for a IX Marks Conference on the gospel. The speakers were great, I met some new people, and I snagged a few free books for my library before heading home early to help Hannah with two sick kids. Lukas had to have some breathing treatments because he was so congested, but both are feeling mostly better now.

Speaking of the kids, their favorite game is hide-and-seek. Lukas has a tendency of revealing himself before he’s found, sometimes before Hannah or I are done counting. But if one of us hides him and tells him to be quiet, it can be pretty hard to find him. Hannah even put him in a bathroom cabinet once, and he didn’t make a peep until he was found. Abby’s gotten into puzzles, particularly some 24-piece Disney Princess ones she got for Christmas. She’s also doing AWANA on Sunday nights and has been working on memorizing new verses. It’s a good exercise for both her and us as we end up memorizing them as well.

February was a short month, and March already looks jam-packed with activities that we’ll get to share with you in our next “month in review.”

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