Wednesday, November 5, 2014

You. Me. Everyone's a Theologian.

Everyone’s a Theologian impresses me. There are few books on systematic theology that are written at a level that most everyone can understand, and fewer still that are written in such a way as to not alienate everyone who comes from a different faith background. I could see myself, as a Baptist, using this book written by a Presbyterian in a small group discipleship class. I could also see that same class actually reading it.

If the word wasn’t so loaded, I’d almost describe the book as “ecumenical.” Sproul is able to articulate just enough about baptism, the Lord’s supper, and other hotly-debated topics to be useful, but stops short of debating the mode of baptism or the proper recipients of the Lord’s supper. Some may find this to be a weakness, but I believe it allows for greater flexibility for readers and small group leaders to delve more deeply into the subjects.

The book averages 5.6 pages per chapter which makes the reading go by quickly. Even with eight sections and sixty chapters, the book doesn’t seem long, and its usefulness for study with small groups or as a daily devotional is readily apparent.

If I were to offer one criticism of the book, it would be Sproul’s penchant for Latin phraseology. I realize he’s a well-educated man and the Latin is the language of theology, but it’s a little too academic for a book that’s aimed at everyone and could discourage the average person who’s just flipping through the pages to get a feel for the book before committing to buy it. This little quibble aside, I highly recommend it.

I received this audiobook for the purposes of review from christianaudio.

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