Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Christmas Promise: A promising children's book

I imagine that when a book publisher breaks ground in a new market, they have to really make a splash. With The Good Book Company’s foray into children’s books, they don’t settle for the kiddie pool, they go straight for the deep end. This is some high quality children’s literature.

The narrative tells of God’s promised King. He would be a NEW KING, a RESCUING KING, a FOREVER KING. As the story is told, each of these aspects comes into focus, and once the story is done, the three characteristics are reviewed, helping the concept stick for little readers. The author also includes a big WHOOSH! every time an angel appears, giving moms and dads a chance to involve the kids:

Dad: “The Christmas story starts with an angel…” [looks expectantly at child]
Child: “WHOOSH!” [hands go up. big smiles]

Of course, the real attention grabber for little ones is the illustrations. Catalina Echeverri’s drawings are cartoonish and fun, from the dazzlingly bright angels, to the buck-toothed donkey, to the winking wise man. My three-year-old daughter looked through the book after I read it to her, commenting on the pictures and partially retelling the story like I had read to her. The pictures draw her in even when Daddy’s not reading it. Even though the book has a suggested age range of 3 to 6, my fidgety one and a half-year-old son will sit still long enough for me to read it through all the way.

The only real drawback to this book is that a few pages have black text on a dark blue background, making reading a little difficult in away from a nearby light source. Perhaps in future editions they’ll alternate font colors or add a contrasting shadow to make the letters stand out more.

I received this book from the publisher for the purpose of providing a review. I recommend it.

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