Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My daughter's new squirrel book

My  3-year-old daughter loves squirrels. She refers to the Ice Age movie we own as “The Squirrel Movie” because of the “sabre-toothed squirrel” who’s always trying to get an acorn—with about the same success rate as Wile E. Coyote in his pursuit of the roadrunner. Now she refers to Alby’s Amazing Book as “the squirrel book.”

The book, written and illustrated by Catalina Echeverri, tells about a squirrel named Alby who enjoys reading because he imagines himself in the stories. His favorite book has stories about giants, and great rescues, and the best part is they’re all true! Of course, Alby’s favorite book is the Bible. The book doesn’t tell you explicitly which stories Alby’s referring to, but the illustrations are fairly obvious, and my daughter was able to point most of them out.

Echeverri is a talented illustrator, and the cartoonish drawings were sufficient to capture my child’s attention. Many of the pictures incorporate the text of Scripture in the background, and for people who care to scrutinize closely, the words align with the passages that the illustrations come from. The text is usually easy to read, but at least one page has black text on a dark blue background. Another book from this publisher, The Christmas Promise, had the same problem, so I hope they can correct it in future printings and offerings.

The book aims to instill in children an appreciation for the Bible, something that needs to be developed as they grow older so they learn it is more than a collection of true stories. It’s a first step in that process, one that parents should be involved in from an early age.

I received this book from the publisher for the purpose of providing a review.

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