Thursday, July 31, 2014

Loved Walked Among Us

Love Walked Among Us is a re-release that was originally published in 2001. Miller has become quite popular lately thanks to his recent books A Praying Life and A Loving Life. This is your chance to become familiar with another work of his that hasn’t gotten as much press because it came out before he became a bestseller.


Based on content alone, this book offers insightful reflection on the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ love. Miller is engaging and very personal, discussing how Jesus’ example affected his relationships at home with his wife and children, particularly his daughter with special needs. He then challenges his readers to be likewise affected by the example of Jesus in their interpersonal relationships. The book has an ecumenical feel, as Catholic figures (like Mother Theresa) are praised for loving like Jesus without any discussion of the theological differences between Roman Catholics and Protestants.


If you’re considering getting the book, do yourself a favor and avoid the audio book. The narration of this book is performed by the author, and I suspect this is his first time doing so. He reads quickly, not pausing at appropriate moments for dramatic effect like someone does when speaking naturally. He sometimes pauses mid-sentence, likely trying to find his place, and then zips from one sentence into the next with no break at the period. He stumbles over words, mispronounces then repeats words, and I am certain that he skipped a line a few times based on how it sounded. At one point his voice cracked because of a particularly emotion story. Although he has a pleasant voice, there’s a reason why some people earn a living as professional narrators. It’s not a Pinterest project that just anyone can do. Narration alone, this is probably the worst quality audio book I’ve listened to in a long time.


I received this audio book from christianaudio for the purpose of review.

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