Monday, March 10, 2014

John Knox: Church History for Kids

John Knox (Christian Biographies for Young Readers). By Simonetta Carr. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Reformation Heritage Books. pp. 64. 2014. (List Price $18.00 Hardcover)

Simonetta Carr is a storyteller. Each volume in her Christian Biographies for Young Readers series is written and illustrated to capture the attention of children aged 7 to 12. I didn't have many books on church history growing up, but I'm sure I would have loved this one.

John Knox, the Scottish Reformer, is often remembered negatively. He was quite controversial and very opinionated. One might say that he majored on the majors and on the minors as well. He would not agree to disagree. Yet it was because he majored on the majors that the gospel advanced within Scotland. Carr recognizes this, and she is more sympathetic to Knox. After all, he was human like you and me.

Knox's story captivates because of the many things that happened in his life, from his participation in revolt and rebellion, to time spent as a galley slave, to exile, and to service before kings. The target audience of this book is children aged 7 to 12, although younger kids may appreciate mommy or daddy reading it to them rather than doing it by themselves. My two year old saw it out and asked me to read it to her, and she did like the pictures, so the whole family may even enjoy it. I know I did.

I received this book in exchange for a candid review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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