Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Book for Some Good Bible Study

Romans 1-7 for You. By Timothy Keller. Grand Rapids, MI: The Good Book Company. 2014. 208 pp. $22.99 (List Price). Available February 4 in Print.

The Bible for You series looks to be a promising set of books for the Christian reader. I've purchased Galatians for You and have read Judges for You, so Romans 1-7 for You is not my first round through the park. The books are all about the same length, so Romans had to be split into two books, whereas Galatians is only one. Since the Old Testament books are significantly longer than the New Testament epistles, the author goes through them section by section, whereas the New Testament books are done verse by verse. This makes them excellent resources for Bible studies as well as for preaching through whole books of the Bible.

Romans 1-7 for You is an excellent volume in the series. This is Paul's magnum opus and his clearest treatment of the gospel. Therefore, Tim Keller's book gives excellent exposition verse by verse though the first seven chapters of the book of Romans. The style of writing is sermonic—clear explanation coupled with heart-penetrating application. It serves both as a model for Bible study and for sermon prep. It inspired in me the same kind of delight I have had in the best Bible studies that I can remember having participated in.

Although Romans can be a very controversial book, Keller is firmly set within the evangelical tradition and does not stray off into arguments over minutiae. I am a Baptist and Keller is a Presbyterian, but nothing in the book seemed to me like the pursuit of any agenda except the faithful exposition of the text. I heartily recommend it as an encouragement and model of sound Bible study.

I received this book from the publisher for the purpose of review. The opinions expressed are my own.

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