Saturday, March 16, 2013

Waiting on Lukas: One Month to Go

It's hard to believe just how much Abigail is changing. Hannah too, for that matter. We're about a month away from welcoming Lukas into the world and now that we have an idea what to expect, we feel less prepared than we did when we were waiting for Abs to arrive.

Playing Mommy: Does the baby want milk or juice?
I've preached a few times this year already, which is part of the reason why I decided to drop my Hebrew class this semester. Between work, family, and church, school would have been too much. I figure that next semester I can take a somewhat easier class so I can at least be moving towards my degree, even if it means postponing my Hebrew.

Hats: This is about as far as I will go with playing "dress up"
Since Abby's growing more independent we're able to play together more. She prefers to do things her way though, so we may only get halfway through or skip a few pages when I read her a book, and picking her up and swinging her has to be done only when she wants it. It makes me laugh. We're working on getting her to say, "Down, please," when she doesn't want to be held instead of twisting and contorting her body in an alligator death roll.

Abs also loves to mimic Hannah. She'll get out the broom and drag it across the kitchen floor, which is quite the impressive feat when you consider that it's twice as long as she is. Abby will pick up a napkin or cloth and wipe all the surfaces she can reach, too, and now that she has a doll with little bottles and the like, she gets to play mommy most all the time.

Flaps: Flap books hold her attention, but not for long!
Hannah and I still get to spend time together in the evenings after Abs goes to bed. We've taken to watching the first season of the TV show 24. My Amazon Prime membership gives me free access to the show, and it lets us relax after working so hard all day, though I think Hannah needs the rest more than I do. She's to that stage of pregnancy where she's fatigued all the time and her body hurts more. She's also been perpetually sick with a loud cough that occasionally keeps both of us up at night. The doctor prescribed her some medicine, which has helped, but she's not rid of the cough yet.

I'm looking forward to getting to spend more time with Abigail after Lukas is born. Hannah will be pretty occupied with feeding and caring for Lukas, so that means our little "big" girl will have to do most everything with me. That's going to eat up a lot of the little free time that Hannah and I have left, and I'm sure Abs will not like Hannah's sudden lack of availability, but we'll make it.

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