Friday, December 7, 2012

A Wencl Boy

It's a boy! By the way, this is NOT the picture that
makes it obvious we're having a boy ;-)
So this is it. It's official. We're having a boy. All of a sudden this pregnancy seems so much more real. Hannah's only recently starting to show, and with us being busy with Abigail, work, church, and eight million other things, we haven't had a whole lot of time to just sit, think, and dream about baby number two.

After we got the ultrasound and it was pretty conclusive we were having a boy, I finally had a chance to think. A boy. Not just one kid but two now. Up to now Abigail has been the one and only, and she's been enjoying it a lot. When number two arrives (who we've decided to call Lukas), I won't be able to think of the one without thinking of the other. One's a boy and one's a girl. One will be older, and one will be younger. I'm going to treat them differently because of these things. I'm just afraid that I may end up being harder on Abigail because she's older. Or maybe I'll be tougher on Lukas because he's a boy. I don't know, but I certainly won't be able to treat one a certain way without thinking about how that affects the other one.

Fortunately, it will be a long time before the two are even remotely in the same developmental stage of life, so some differential treatment will be necessary and completely okay. It's exciting. And new. And I'm very excited that Lukas is officially the "last Wencl boy."

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