Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Little Personality

From Hannah:

Before Abigail was born, I would watch children playing and wonder about her little personality. Would she be a sweet, outgoing child like her father? Would she be the quiet kid reading books in the corner like I was? Or would she turn into the popular athlete that I always wanted to be, amazing people with her abilities? At 9 months, her personality is still growing and developing, but we definitely see certain emerging traits.

Like me, she is strong willed. If Abby wants something, she is determined to get it! If she doesn’t want to do something, she refuses! Today I moved the fascinating fan onto the ottoman and out of her reach. Abigail crawled across the room to the ottoman, pulled herself up, and stepped around it with an outstretched arm, reaching for the fan. When that approach failed, she crawled over to the nearby bench and tried to climb on top to reach the fan. Fortunately (for me), she can’t climb yet.
Her strong willed nature can also turn to stubborn refusals. Last week at a friends’ house, Abby screamed when I gave her to Daddy, even though she normally loves him. She only wanted mom at that moment and let everyone know by angrily screaming. Since I was trying to help my friend make dinner, I totally ignored her screaming. When she realized that no one was going to give in after a minute, she calmed down and enjoyed time with Daddy.

In spite of her strong will, Abigail is joyful and eager to please people she knows. Daddy walks in the door after work and she smiles like crazy and gives him a hug. She has learned that people get a kick out of waving bye-bye. When she wants attention, she starts hiding her face to play peek-a-boo or growling – two behaviors that always earn a smile or at least an “aw, how cute” from people. She loves smiling at people and giggling with them. Her stuffed animals receive a lot of love as Abby enthusiastically hugs them, bites them, and drags them around with her.

Abigail is extremely curious about the world around her. As an infant, she had difficulty nursing because she was too busy looking at her surroundings. If I carry her, she tries to grab at objects on the wall. She loves watching people from her stroller as we walk past the pool or through the mall, especially children at play. Abigail wants to see, touch, and put her mouth on everything.

Watch Abby play and it’s plain to see that she is observant and explores her world systematically. I brought out her xylophone the other day and she spent at least 10 minutes feeling every bump and key. She turned it over and spun each wheel, chewed on the stick, and stuck her finger in every hole in the back. Books intrigue her too, even if she’s just sitting and turning the pages by herself. One of her favorite games now is to point to the pictures on the wall. Andrew or I lift her up and she studies the people in the pictures. Sometimes she will repeat ‘ma-ma’, ‘da-da’ or ‘ba-ba’ for ‘Abby’.

As she grows up, I’m sure her personality will change and grow. For now, I’m excited to see her develop from a baby to a toddler. No matter what she’s like, her father and I will always love her.

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