Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Birthday Celebration

From Hannah:

I had one of the most memorable birthdays ever this year. When I turned 12 or so, my birthdays started becoming somewhat monotonous. I expected a cake, a few cards, and maybe a gift or two. I remember celebrating my 22nd birthday with many friends, a sombrero, and Mexican food. The rest blur together in my mind. But I’m pretty sure I won’t forget this year’s celebration.

This birthday started out as expected. I’m not that excited about cakes, so my husband told me I could pick out another dessert. I chose 2 ‘muffins’ that tasted more like cupcakes. We hired a babysitter and planned on going to Puccini’s for dinner.

I thought I’d take my usual morning break from Abigail to run errands. I cheerfully loaded her up and drove to my friend’s house. Unfortunately, my predictable day became unpredictable. As I grabbed the diaper bag and unbuckled Abigail from her car seat, I placed my keys in my purse. Thinking I wouldn’t need the purse just to drop Abby off, I left it in the back seat. My car locked automatically as I walked inside.

A few minutes later, I waltzed out only to realize my mistake. Now I was stuck in Fishers (about 20 minutes away from home) without a car. My friend’s car is currently awaiting repair, so I didn’t even have the option of asking for a ride. Reluctantly I dialed my husband’s number, desperately hoping he would respond well. I left a message asking him to pick me up at his convenience. I decided to make the best of the situation and I actually enjoyed hanging out at a friend’s house for a few hours. I felt a little guilty for making her entertain me though. When Andrew arrived, he handed me a McD’s frappe and seemed surprisingly happy. He still glanced at the clock every few minutes.

“What time do you have to go back?” I asked. That’s when my husband told me he took the rest of the day off! My friend volunteered to stay with my sleeping baby while we enjoyed walking around the Hamilton Town Center, an outdoor mall.

In our busy lives, we rarely get the time to ‘date’ alone. We felt like a couple giddy college students again. The rest of the day passed pleasantly enough; I opened my present from Andrew and several cards from family. In the evening, we enjoyed a meal without the baby. The birthday muffins tasted magnificent.

Most importantly, I learned that little hiccups in the day can actually make life fun; but not exciting enough to lock my keys in the car again.