Monday, December 12, 2011

Thanksgiving, Part 3

Amy and her husband, John, hosted Thanksgiving this year. The turkey was great, as were the big bowls of mashed potatoes. I think we even had potatoes leftover, an uncommon feat when Amy, John, and I are in the same room. There were plenty of eats to go around, but I felt like I didn’t eat as much as in years past, which is a good thing, because there were plenty of desserts to enjoy later.

After lunch we moved downstairs to watch the Detroit Lions play the Green Bay Packers. I love watching the game as part of our Thanksgiving tradition. I really don’t know how my Hoosier neighbors can live without seeing the home team play. Of course, since the Colts haven’t won a game this year, I understand about this Thanksgiving.

We snacked a little on crackers, cheeses, dips, and other sweet things to munch on. I think most everyone had some pop as well. Abigail slept through most of the festivities, but I did get to read a few books to Kyleigh, Amy’s youngest. After three or four books I was happy she wasn’t into chapter books yet and that her bookshelf was upstairs. When we were done reading she’d take the book upstairs, pick out another one, and come back down. This process went on for probably four cycles. Amy says she’s a little book worm.

Amy’s basement/family room was great. She had a beautifully decorated tree with seemingly nothing but Hallmark ornaments, from Scooby Doo to Mickey Mouse, to the nasty RV from the movie Christmas Vacation.

The rest of the weekend seems a blur to me now. I knew I should have written this up last week.

One evening we played a six-handed game of Canasta, something I don’t think we’ve ever done before. It was fun, and Amy and I almost won. We missed the 5,000 points to win by a measly five points. The following hand ended only slightly better than Custer’s Last Stand, and we lost. I’ve been riffed a lot for journaling during a card game and she’s never let it go, so it was fun to show I can pay attention during a card game even if I can’t win it.

Another Wencl tradition was the decorating of Christmas cookies. One year we didn’t have many Christmas cookie cutters, so we used Halloween ones and enjoyed our “Christmas bats.” Though we didn’t have Christmas bats, we still had a blast. I turned a star shape into the starfish friend of Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick. Amy’s become a pro at decorating cookies, which is great because I’m extremely slow and methodical. Katelynne, my niece, made some cookies as well, and Amy thinks they were much better than some of mine. She’s probably right. Hannah was a little excessive on her sprinkle use, so I made a few “monster cookies” by dumping the extra sprinkles over a few cookies I had frosted. The results were significantly less appealing than a Thomas Kinkade painting.

Alyssa spent some quality time with Abs, though I don’t think she got to hold her as much as Deborah. She told me that she talks about me a lot with her coworkers and said she wanted to introduce me to them. Hannah and I stopped in to see her late one night and she had her chance. She introduced me to Preston, who was working the grill. She informed me that he had to deal with an explosion of sorts in the restroom, so Hannah and I decided to get an eggnog shake instead of something off the grill. Just in case Preston doesn’t wash all that well.
All in all, Thanksgiving was a wonderful time. I enjoyed spending time with the Walts making new memories and with the Wencls adding to old ones. Christmas is right around the corner, and I’m excited. Abigail has gotten bigger and seems to change a lot in a few days’ time. I can’t wait for everyone to see her again.

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