Monday, December 5, 2011

Black Friday, Part 2

After I came home from the 10pm madness of Black Friday in Walmart, I waited until 11:30 to snag a $1.99 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory DVD (the original movie). I called Alyssa to see how she was doing and got ready for bed. I set my cell phone alarm for 3:30am and went to bed. At midnight I heard the cuckoo clock and thought, Alyssa got her laptop, and happily drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up at 3:30am, dressed, and snuck out of the room before Hannah could wake up. I figured I’d go downstairs and wake Alyssa up for a fun morning of Black Friday shopping. I walked down the hallway and found Alyssa putting on her coat! Amy had called her up and was waiting outside in the van to take her shopping. The bums were going to leave me! I threw on my coat and ran out to the van before they could drive off without me.

Alyssa opted to sit in my niece’s booster seat so I could enjoy the comforts of riding shotgun. She’s not a bad sister after all.

The 4am sales began big at Meijer. As we walked in through the automatic doors I could see the video game department had a line snaking its way through the aisles to the entrance. I was glad I didn’t want any of that merchandise.

I made my way back to the movie section. Amy was picking up some Pillow Pets and Alyssa disappeared somewhere. We met up with our cousin, Chris Healey, and his mom. He is probably a black belt when it comes to being a Black Friday ninja. Both of them were spotted the night before at Walmart, but they’re so stealthy, I never saw them.

I snagged a couple of the three dollar movies on sale and after some waffling, picked up a present for a very special someone… Kudos to Amy for the suggestion! We had a little bit of time before the next store opened, so I asked Ames to take me to Lowes so I could pick up a few storage totes for Hannah.

From there we made our way up Perry Street to Kmart. There was a line across the front of the building, so after parking we trotted to the back where we met Julie Cole and her husband. When the doors flew open at the front the other newcomers avoided going to the back of the line and instead rushed in with the other people near the front. These are the things that keep me coming back to Black Friday shopping.

I didn’t have anything I wanted, but Amy almost convinced me to buy a fleece comforter for our bed. She was going to, but they didn’t have the color she wanted. As we stood in line to check out, Amy and Alyssa both pointed out that they were carrying everything and I was being a bum. Amy brought two fruit snacks with her (she wasn’t expecting me to come), and she proceeded to share with Alyssa while the two taunted me. This has pretty much been our relationship our whole lives. They took pity on me and shared, perhaps because I told them I’d take them to McDonald’s later. I spotted more of Amy’s comforters at the front of the store and grabbed one for her, so we were even.

More to come…

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