Saturday, December 3, 2011

Black Friday, Part 1

Yes, I created this logo.

This year I went Black Friday shopping with my sisters. Amy's got me by about four years, and Alyssa follows me by the same.

As kids we didn't do a whole lot together because of the age gap. We shared no friends in common. I was Amy's annoying tagalong, and Alyssa was mine. Now that we're older, the age difference is a lot less of an issue, and perhaps not spending so much time together has allowed each of us to develop and mature a little more into our own persons to the point that we've finally come to recognize that each of us can be fun and interesting.

I've never done Black Friday with my sisters. I fancy myself a Black Friday ninja, so I prefer to go solo to avoid being held up by other people. But this year I wasn't too enamored with any of the deals, at least not the ones I could afford. So I went with my primary goal to have fun. Add two sisters and practically no sleep to the mix and I had a pretty good chance of accomplishing that goal.

Black Friday actually began on Thursday. Alyssa wanted to get a new laptop, so she decided to go to Walmart for the 10pm sale and wait in line for the computer until midnight. She and mom went to pick up Amy, and I drove separate so mom, Amy, and I could leave as soon as we were done shopping.

I stood in a crowd of people all waiting for the 10pm countdown to end so they could stock up on cheap DVDs and Blu-Ray disks. I didn't have anything on my list from Walmart's sale. I scanned the selection of movies and called Amy and Alyssa to find out what they wanted.

At 10pm the plastic came off and so did the gloves. The idle mass of people burst to life and I saw individuals grabbing up multiple copies of the same titles. You'd think they were one-time-use DVDs by the way people were stacking them in their carts.

I grabbed a few and made my way back to where Alyssa was waiting in line. The ravaged displays of deal busters looked like the inside of my mailbox. (Our mailman believes it is a small trash compactor).

I couldn't find her, so I called her for directions. She was already bored and still had an hour and forty-five minutes before the plastic would come off her beloved laptop. When I found out she was collecting a specific TV series, I went back to the ravaged racks and picked up the last two copies. Alyssa was a little more uplifted by that, but was sad again once she realized the only thing she had to entertain herself was the back product description of the two TV seasons I gave her.

I finally reunited with Amy and mom at the front of the store. Amy returned to the fray for some kids'  clothes and returned instead with a kids' game. I believe she called me a freak when she found out I didn't get anything (who goes shopping at 10pm without any intention of buying anything?). I suggested she could wait for a ride from Alyssa since I was the only one with a car. For those of you who don't know us, that's just playful banter between siblings. The morning shopping would be better. Much better...

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