Friday, October 14, 2011

Rushing to the Hospital

Proof that my wife has a sense of humor. From Hannah:

Newborns bring much joy, but they also bring a state of wakeful exhaustion. One look at a parent of a newborn and you will see the unmistakable symptoms: bloodshot eyes, dark circles, and overall lethargy. Talk to the parent and you may notice some incoherent speech and impaired judgment as well.

Such was the case Tuesday around 9 pm. While I attempted to feed Abigail and convince her that she was tired, I looked down at my exhausted legs. I blinked twice. Was I delusional? No, my eyes showed me deathly blue-gray legs that looked bruised in places. Like any rational person, I texted my husband:
I dont know if i am ok. My legs are blue gray like a giant bruise all over and are numb Hannah
He was at a friends’ house and rushed home without even finishing his sentence or saying “Goodbye”.

“Where are you? Can you hear me?” he yelled as he burst through the door. Reassured that I hadn’t passed out, he looked at my legs, eyes wide, and exclaimed, “Oh my goodness! Let’s go!”

The baby was packed in the car seat in record time and we were out the door in a matter of minutes.

On the way, Abigail decided that we were trying to return her to the hospital and protested by screaming the whole way there. Meanwhile, I tried to call the OB doctor.

“Maam, I’m having trouble hearing you. Please move away from the baby.”

By the time we arrived, I had given up on the phone doctor. I ran into the emergency room while Andrew looked for a parking space. He parked 5 miles away and managed to calm the screaming baby.

Inside, we waited for the doctor. When he finally came, he looked puzzled. “Usually blood clots cause blueness in one leg, not two,” he said. He ordered a CAT scan. My husband and I looked at each other, both of us seeing huge dollar signs in front of our faces. “Is it really necessary?” he asked.

He assured us it was, then, with a flash of inspiration, said “Well, let me try one thing first.” He reached for a wet towelette and wiped my leg. Amazingly, the scary blueness vanished.

I was released moments later. “You have been seen for blue legs that are the result of leeching from your blue jeans.”

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