Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Life is No Longer Boring

This is from my older sister, Amy. Katelynne is 3 years old and Kyleigh is only 1. Glad to know we’re not alone.

Amy is a 4th grade element-
ary teacher in Big Rapids, MI.
There is nothing like being a parent. It makes you wonder what you did with yourself when you were only focused on you. This morning I wondered how boring my life used to be too... Let me explain:

6:15 a.m.—Katelynne woke up and was crying in less than five minutes because she wanted to wear a dress, and I said probably not today due to the temperature outside.
6:25 a.m.—She continued cry because she wanted mini-wheat cereal.
6:35 a.m.—She threw her cereal because I asked her to put on a shirt (not a dress).
6:36 a.m.—She ripped the shirt off her head… and so goes her morning.

Kyleigh woke up with a stuffy, boogery nose, and a dirty face (I wasn't there for bed time; I was over at a friend’s for girls’ dinner).
She happily got dressed and even sat while I did her hair. Then she took Katelynne's flung cereal and ate it, sending Katelynne to more tears.
Kyleigh wanted to brush her teeth with her mouth full of mini-wheats. She proceeded to sneeze, shooting mini-wheats all over Katelynne's face and hair and shooting snot out both nostrils and onto her shirt.

And that was all in less than forty-five minutes.

I got to school and talked with my coworker, who has a 6 month old, and we discussed our mornings and how different life would be… and boring.

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