Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Diaper Blowouts at 5 am

Little sleeper: The resemblance is uncanny.
Abigail has grown a lot since we took her home from the hospital. It’s hard to believe what a week or two will do to the body of a newborn. It’s also hard to believe what a week or two will do to the bodies of the parents of a newborn.

I came into work today and it wasn’t long before my coworkers were pointing at me and saying, “He’s got the look. Look at his eyes.” Apparently new parents have a look that betrays just how tired they feel. I can almost hear my dad’s Barney Rubble laugh that he does when he’s feigning pleasure at the misfortune of others, usually mine.

Truth be told, Hannah and I both look pretty good considering how often we’re getting up at night. Actually, Hannah’s been getting up a lot more than I have because I can’t feed little Miss Abigail.

I left the house for work this morning with a mix of joy, relief, and apprehension. I got up at four to change a wet diaper and calm Abs because she had just fed and was still fussy. She hadn’t filled her diaper with number two for almost 24 hours and we were worried Hannah would have to take her to the hospital after I left for work.

Then at five my dear wife had her second encounter with “diaper blowout”.

I was lying in bed and could hear the screaming through the baby monitor. It was Abigail, not Hannah. I learned that if the baby monitor reaches its red peak enough times in a row, it begins to sound an alarm, as if someone could possibly sleep through the screaming.

I shut of the alarm and decided to check on Hannah and Abby, since whatever Hannah was doing wasn’t helping calm the child down. When I saw the diaper blowout, I realized why Abby was inconsolable.

Somehow Hannah had already taken care of the dirty diaper, but the changing pad looked worse than Bob Ross’ palette after painting a forest of “happy little trees”. I asked Hannah to give our little wonder a bath while worked on making the changing pad white again. I’m glad these things are waterproof.

The little screamer didn’t really enjoy her bath, which made parents and child just about even, as far as I was concerned. After the bath I put a new diaper on Miss Abigail, dressed her in a new outfit, and realized it was time to start getting ready for work.

Believe it or not, I really do consider this whole experience to be fun!

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  1. Ummmmm, it sounds like you might need to try a new brand of diapers??? :) Or go up a size!

    Oh, and it's VERY common for newborns to not poop every day- during a growth spurt (3 wks, 6 wks, 2-3 mts, 6 mts...) they use almost every last molecule of breastmilk for growing so there is very little left for the large intestine to process. Mine would go 4-5 days at a time during growth spurts, and I've heard of some going as long as 10 days!

    As for diapers- if she's blowing out the top, try Huggies (they have a leak guard at the top). If it's the sides, try Pampers or Luvs, as they snug tighter around the leg openings. If it's all over, go up a size.

    Y'all have had more blowouts than anyone else I know! At least it makes for good practice and fun memories for later, hehe.