Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Diaper Blowout (Not, it's not a Sale)

Bath Time: Do I look like trouble?

Yesterday Hannah and I were a little worried that Abigail was having some kind of a problem because she wasn't filling her diaper. It turned out to be a very big problem, but not for Miss Abigail.

Hannah checked her diaper around seven o’ clock and there was a little brown spot, so she decided to change it. Shortly after removing the diaper Abigail had a small explosion similar to what you’d expect a power washer could produce. In fact, I think we needed a power washer to bring a little order and sanity to the whole mess.

Fortunately for me (but not for Hannah), I was working on homework at the time. Even still, I distinctly remember seeing the onesie Abigail had been in at the time, and I wondered how the baby had managed to escape without injury. After countless wet wipes, three or four diapers, and a new onesie, she was like a brand new baby.

Hannah is now convinced that I have to change every one of Abigail's diapers until I go back to work on Tuesday to make up for what she had to go through. Thus far they’ve been quite manageable.

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  1. love it! just love it!! one of my babies did that (only much worse) in nursery at church one Sunday... nursery workers were laughing insanely when I returned...