Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bring on the Pink!

Hannah and I have been unable to agree on a girl's name since we started talking about kids long before we found out we were pregnant. Now it is official. The ultrasound shows a little girl. And we have to choose a name.

Everyone in our family was expecting a boy. Everyone, that is, except Hannah's sister, Deborah. I wrote earlier that I thought it was a girl, but I hoped for a boy. Not that I'm not excited. I know that our girl is going to be Daddy's girl. Bring on the pink!

I don't know how finding out the gender makes any difference, but when we went back to the waiting room after the ultrasound, we talked a little about names and came to a quick conclusion. Abigail. It's a biblical name and means "Her father's joy." Like I said, Daddy's girl.

The funny thing is that we've discussed this name before. Hannah had suggested it, and I said I would want to call her Abby. Hannah said no. Then, ten minutes after the ultrasound, Hannah says we can call her "Abby" for short. Is it any wonder I don't understand women?

As for a middle name, that is still up for grabs, but we've tentatively settled on Renee. Abigail Renee Wencl. I like it.

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