Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Sickness...

Please note: the following article is meant to be funny. If a pregnant woman experiencing fluctuations in her hormone levels (who shall remain nameless) reads this, she is supposed to take it lightheartedly and not get upset. Or giddy. But upset is my primary concern.

Pregnant women get sick. It is a fact of life that cannot be overcome. God has pronounced it, and it will come to pass. Not too long ago my wife was nauseous, tired, and irritable in the evening. She would be in bed around 9 o' clock and I would work on the computer, read a book, or do something else for an hour or two before finally hopping in bed beside her.

Then the nausea went away and the mental illness began. I don't mean to say that my wife was crazy, but I don't really know how else to describe it. One evening my wife was obviously tired and lying in bed. As I cuddled up next to her she got kind of silly. She grabbed the blanked and said, "Rah, rah, rah!" waving it in my face as though it had magically become a vicious beast intent on latching onto my face.

Mildly bemused, I said what I was thinking (a big no, no when in the company of pregnant women). I said, "You're silly." I wasn't being mean. I was actually laughing as I said it. But her response was sudden and unexpected. She began crying and buried her head under her pillow. Clearly I don't understand a thing about pregnancy.

She managed to calm down, but couldn't really determine what made her so goofy or silly in the first place. What else would you call that besides mental illness?

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