Thursday, February 24, 2011

Making the Announcement

On Friday, February 18, we had our first ultrasound, giving us an estimated due date (September 23, 2011) and a way of calculating which we we’re on. Each Friday marks the start of a new week, so we will be 10 weeks pregnant on February 25.

On Sunday, February 20, we got a phone call from Deborah, Hannah’s sister, telling us that she was going to be baptized next week and asked us if we could come up. Hannah told me that she couldn’t visit home without telling everyone that she’s pregnant, so we decided to let everyone know two weeks before our planned announcement.

Sharon was happy, and I was surprised that she didn’t start crying or anything. She said that Mike teared up, and Deborah was excited. We talked on the phone for a while until the phone indicated that my sister was trying to call.

We ended our conversation and called Alyssa. She asked what was up because Deborah had called her and told her she needed to call Hannah right away. At least Deborah didn’t call my parents before we did. We told Alyssa and called Mom and Dad. Amy and John were over, so we waited while my mom’s agonizingly slow computer came to life, downloaded the photo attachment, and finally saw the ultrasound from the 18th.

Again, no shrieking or crying, but certainly surprise and excitement. The phone was passed around the table, and Amy told me that Mom wouldn’t have to look at Facebook photos and guess anymore.

That evening we put the picture of the ultrasound in my Bible at the beginning of Nehemiah. We visited our friends Santos and Roksana to talk about “something important.” At the beginning, we sat across the table and I said, “We really like serving at Enfoque, but we think that we need to begin reducing our involvement. Our reasoning for this is based in Nehemiah.”

I passed Roksana the Bible and when she opened it I got the shriek I was looking for all day. Santos and Roksana were excited and hugging us. We talked for a little while and then went home.

The excitement of telling everybody is beginning to wear off even as it has just started. Soon we will have little to do but wait patiently for the next ultrasound.

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