Thursday, February 24, 2011

Letters (emails) from Family

2/22/2011—Russell Wencl (Dad)

Hello, Andrew!

Mom is going to tell Grandma Westover that Hannah's pregnant tomorrow night at church. I hope you were able to tell everybody you wanted to already. I sent a note to my family, so I will forward their responses to you guys as I get them. This will be the first "Wencl" child since Derek was born. Kind of cool, isn't it! We're excited for you both. Now you'll have to get a "family" vehicle since you sold your truck!

I hope you have a good day at work after such a long weekend. I'll write you again sometime.

Love, Dad

2/21/2011—Aunt Lorna Staska (Dad’s sister)

Woo Hoo!............................How exciting!

What a nice surprise!  Once they start coming, they just don't quit!

Hope all is going well for Hannah and baby!


2/21/2011—Aunt Janet & Cousin Jessica Radtke (Dad’s sister and niece)

Hi Russ and Nancy and Alyssa,

Congratulations of the news of a new grandbaby. Jessie said this will be the first great grandchild that has the Wencl name.

We are doing well and seeing Mom almost every week. She usually has something she wants me to do or pick up for her.

We just went through the storm that gave the Twin Cities 12-18 inches of snow.  They even had a snowplow stuck for 20 minutes. We also had rain and freezing rain in the middle of it, so the roads are pretty slick. Now we have 35 mile an hour winds, so everything is blowing around.  Good news! It is headed your way. I bet sledding would be lots of fun.

Well, I suppose I have told all the news I have.

Take care and stay warm.

Janet and Jessica

2/21/2011—Aunt Karen Hommedahl (Dad’s sister)
Russell & Nancy,
Congratulations on the wonderful news!  The picture was priceless; I don’t think I have seen an ultrasound for a baby that young!  We know how happy everyone must be. We hope and pray that everything goes well for Hannah’s pregnancy!

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